The Reform Party

Transparency, accountability and inclusion: A democratic Singapore for Singaporeans

Election Manifesto

The Reform Party believes that Singapore belongs to its people and that government should serve the people and not the other way around. We want to build a first-class modern nation, in line with the rich and advanced democracies of the world. We believe that Freedom and Prosperity go hand in hand.

Without freedom of expression and a climate of ideas fostering innovation and creativity we will not only fall further behind the already rich nations of the US, Europe and Japan but also the new, and considerably freer Asian states such as South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Even our customary advantages in education and infrastructure are being eroded by India and China as well as many of our ASEAN neighbours.

With your help, we can make things better

Despite the hugely unequal playing field the Reform Party is confident that with your help we can make your lives better. We may not be able to form the government at the next election but once we are in Parliament we can ensure that your voices are heard. We can question the rationale for existing policies and propose better ones.

RP's recommendations to improve Singapore's productivity

RP's recommendations to improve Singapore's productivity.

Already, without a single seat, the Reform Party has caused a massive change in government policy and changed their focus from economic growth (which has been achieved through importing enormous numbers of foreign workers putting tremendous strain on our social fabric and facilities) to productivity. The ruling Party is spending billions to try and do what should have been done years ago.

Imagine how much more effective the Reform Party will be once we get into Parliament. And we do not want to leave it there. At the next election after this we hope to be in a position to be taken seriously as the alternative government in a genuine two-party system.

Our policy pledges

This is a list of 19 policy pledges that are on the top of our agenda for action when we gain a majority in Parliament:

  1. Providing Cheaper and Better Lower-Income Housing by releasing more land for house-building and allowing the private sector a greater role.
  2. Universal health insurance to be funded through current CPF contributions replacing current Medisave and Medishield schemes.
  3. Basic Old Age Pension payable to all provided they have worked and paid into CPF for a sufficient number of years.
  4. Reform of CPF to make contributions above those necessary to fund health and unemployment insurance and basic pension voluntary<.
  5. Universal child benefit scheme (as part of Guaranteed Minimum Income) to replace current tax breaks that heavily favour women on higher incomes.
  6. Guaranteed Minimum Income for those in work to replace current Workfare system and to be integrated with child benefit and tax system.
  7. A Minimum Wage to encourage businesses to raise productivity.
  8. Reforms to Foreign Worker Policy to ensure that business gets the skilled labour it needs but that our own citizens come first.
  9. Reductions in or exemptions from GST for certain categories of goods like food that form a higher proportion of total expenditure for those on median incomes and below.
  10. Universal free and compulsory education from pre-school through to secondary level.
  11. Expanded university enrolment and increased investment in improving quality of education for everyone.
  12. Increased assistance for older workers and women re-entering the labour market to retrain and acquire new educational qualifications.
  13. Reduction in NS to 18 months initially with aim to reduce it to one year as soon as feasible.
  14. Requirement for new citizens and PRs to do NS or to pay lump sum tax instead.
  15. Privatization of Temasek and GIC and distribution of equity to Singaporean citizens of more than five years standing.
  16. Continuing Business and Foreign Investment Friendly Environment coupled with low tax rates.
  17. Greater help and support for local SMEs to grow world-class companies.
  18. Abolish restrictions on freedom of expression to encourage creativity and innovation necessary for a 21st century knowledge-based economy.
  19. Reduce waste and inefficiency in government starting with slashing ministerial salaries and replacing it with performance-linked earnings tied to indicators directly related to your welfare.

We will not pretend that we will be able to achieve this agenda overnight even once we are elected to Parliament. It will take at least another election before the Reform Party is in government. But as we said earlier we have already begun to have a major impact on government policy and without any seats in Parliament. We expect to be able to have much more effect once we are able to propose improvements to policies in Parliament and point out where they have gone wrong.

In addition once we are able to manage a GRC or SMC we pledge to do the following to improve the quality of your lives:

  1. Listen to your feedback and work to solve your problems unencumbered by the necessity to follow the ruling party’s line
  2. Improve the efficiency of council services and reduce waste while raising quality
  3. Work to reduce conservancy charges through productivity and efficiency gains as well as improved forecasting of expenditure needs
  4. Not invest the monies we collect from you in unsuitable and high-risk investments

Help us to help you

Things are not going to get better overnight. But you can take the first steps to making things right for Singapore by supporting the Reform Party today.

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